Will Georges St-Pierre fight the winner of Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Probably not, if we’re to believe UFC president Dana White.

GSP already expressed a desire to fight McGregor or Nurmagomedov — whoever wins on Oct. 6 at UFC 229 — for the UFC lightweight championship, but White made it clear recently on The BBC MMA Show he’s “not interested” in going down that road.

“I’m not interested in that fight,” White said, as transcribed by MMAFighting.com. “(St-Pierre) knows that and I’ve told him that many times. He was the 170-pound champion, he moved up to 185 pounds to take on Michael Bisping — and put in his agreement that he would absolutely defend the title at 185 — and then just dumped the title. I’m not interested.

“Georges St-Pierre is looking for one-off fights where he can make a lot of money — which is smart, that’s what he should do — but we’re not interested in that.”

St-Pierre, a former welterweight champion, returned last November after almost four years away from the octagon and defeated Bisping for the UFC middleweight title. Dropping down to 155 pounds to fight either McGregor or Nurmagomedov would require a dramatic weight cut, but GSP is willing to consider such as he looks for both a big payday and ways to enhance his illustrious MMA legacy.

That said, White isn’t pleased about St-Pierre relinquishing the belt he won from Bisping without ever defending it, and the UFC boss would prefer to see GSP return to his former welterweight division rather than chase a title in a third weight class.

“I’m interested in (GSP coming back). I’m not interested in that fight,” White said on The BBC MMA Show of GSP potentially fighting the winner of McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov. “I’m interested in Georges St-Pierre coming back at 170, not at 155 pounds.

“I don’t know (if he will come back). He’s not too excited about fighting or defending his title or anything like that. I don’t know if he’ll ever fight again.”

We shouldn’t completely rule out GSP challenging the winner of McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov, as White has made such statements in the past only to change course. But we shouldn’t bank on it happening, either, despite GSP’s understandable interest.

Thumbnail photo via Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports Images