The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles dominated their respective conferences for the majority of the 2017 season, culminating in a clash in Super Bowl LII that saw the Eagles beat the Pats 41-33 in Minneapolis.

Both teams are expected to, once again, be the cream of the crop in 2018, but will they see each other again this coming February?

While some have predicted the rarely seen Super Bowl rematch will occur this season, Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL analyst Kurt Warner isn’t buying Patriots vs. Eagles II.

Warner went on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday to discuss his favorites in each conference as Week 1 approaches. The former St. Louis Rams star isn’t sold on the Patriots, but he couldn’t pick against them in the AFC, while he went with the Minnesota Vikings to represent the NFC.

“I’m probably going to pick Minnesota to get there for sure, like everyone else,” Warner said. “I mean I think they’re by far the most talented team top to bottom in the league. I like what they did at the quarterback position, I’m still waiting to see if Kirk (Cousins) can be that guy in the moment, but I just think they’re the most talented team. I think a sneaky challenging team is also Atlanta, a team that went to the Super Bowl a couple years ago, better defense, weapons all over on offense, I like them as well.

“AFC side to me is a lot more open-ended. I’m not really sure about New England, I’m not really sure on Pittsburgh, kinda like San Diego (Chargers) as maybe being a sneaky good team this year, and then, of course, Jacksonville if they get quality play at quarterback. But I’m not really sure on the AFC side who I would pick right at this moment. Probably would still lean toward New England if I had to pick it right now, but I like where Jacksonville is at right now.”

Patriots vs. Vikings in February? Sign us up.

Thumbnail photo via Stew Milne/USA TODAY Sports Images