“MVP Baseball” has been dead for over a decade, but a revival might be on the horizon.

The popular EA Sports baseball video game was canceled after the 2005 edition, which, as you might recall, featured Manny Ramirez on the cover. The Major League Baseball license later was acquired by 2K Games, and now is held by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which produces the highly popular “MLB: The Show” franchise.

But EA Sports wants to bring “MVP Baseball” back. In a recent interview with IGN, EA Sports executive vice president Cam Weber confirmed the studio’s interest in resurrecting the series.

“I would love to have a baseball game in our portfolio,” Weber said. “It’s something that once again, every couple years, we take a look and we talk about and theorize about what it might look like to get back into something like baseball.”

Hey, that’s better than a “no.”

Here are some old clips of “MVP Baseball 2005,” for nostalgia’s sake:

Shout out to Hot Hot Heat for that throwback song in the first clip.

People likely will point to the success (and immense quality) of “The Show” as a reason for why a return of “MVP Baseball” is unnecessary. The problem with “The Show,” however, is it’s owned by Sony, meaning you only can play it on a PlayStation. Xbox owners looking for a quality baseball sim (no, “R.B.I. Baseball,” you don’t count) are out of luck.

So please, EA Sports: Bring back “MVP Baseball” — and if you do, make sure it’s better than the brutal “NBA Live” revival.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/IGN