Colin Cowherd is not impressed with Matt Patricia — to say the least.

Patricia made his debut as head coach of the Detroit Lions on Monday, and the results were, in a word, horrendous. The Lions got destroyed 48-17 by the New York Jets, with jaded fans at Ford Field booing throughout.

Also front and center was Patricia’s trademark look: beard, backward hat and pencil behind his ear. It’s a look that rarely was criticized during Patricia’s days as defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, but now the appearance is a no-no, according to Cowherd.

“In the last two games, Matt Patricia has been shredded by Nick Foles and the youngest rookie quarterback ever,” Cowherd said during Tuesday’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” episode. “… You don’t want to look like a slob. Pencil, hat backwards. It’s not good enough.”

Hey, Cowherd is entitled to his opinion. But if Monday night’s score was reversed, would he be on the airwaves calling Patricia a “slob?”

Probably not.

Thumbnail photo via Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports Images