Max Kellerman is in a weird spot.

A couple years back, the ESPN “First Take” co-host predicted that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady soon would fall off the proverbial “cliff.” Brady, of course, has proven Kellerman’s take was profoundly stupid, yet Kellerman has stood by — and modified — the take as time has gone on.

Kellerman recently said that Brady’s steep, brutal decline would begin this season, as no quarterback has played at a high level past age 40. Then Brady, at 41 years old, looked like his usual self in the Patriots’ 27-20 win over the Houston Texans on Sunday.

So, what did Kellerman have to say for himself Monday morning?

Kellerman sort of gave Brady credit, but, of course, his pride prevented him from fully admitting he was wrong.

What is this guy talking about? Saying that everyone besides him owes Brady apology is perplexing, considering Kellerman has been the only one doubting the Patriots QB.

You do you, Max.