Three guys sat down Wednesday on the set of FS1’s “Speak For Yourself” and gave their picks for the top five quarterbacks in NFL history. Not one had Tom Brady atop his rankings.

Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley and Rod Woodson all looked elsewhere when crowning the greatest of all time. Whitlock picked John Elway, Wiley picked Peyton Manning and Woodson picked Dan Marino.


To be fair, all three of those QBs — Elway, Manning and Marino — were exceptional quarterbacks, perhaps worthy of top-five inclusion. But were they really better than Brady, who’s been to eight Super Bowls and owns five championship rings to this point in his illustrious career? Marino never even won a Super Bowl and appeared in the game just once (in his rookie season).

Whitlock and Wiley both listed Brady at No. 2, while Woodson put the New England Patriots quarterback at No. 3 behind Marino and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, for all of you scoring at home, has won just one Super Bowl, although you could argue the Green Bay Packers signal-caller is the most talented to ever play the position.

In the end, Wiley and Woodson both are former NFL players who relied mostly on their own experiences in creating their lists. And Brady admittedly isn’t the most gifted quarterback ever, even though he’ll go down as the most accomplished by a wide margin.