Battle Between ‘Warriors’ Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers One To Be Appreciated


FOXBORO, Mass. — Sunday night will be a treat for everyone involved.

For just the second time in their careers, teams led by Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, two of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, will face off in a regular season contest Sunday night at Gillette Stadium.

The Brady vs. Rodgers debate has become a trendy topic for hot take artists and morning debate shows. While the argument is sure to rage on in the sports universe, Mike McCarthy believes the two future Hall of Famers share a trait that has elevated them to their lofty status.

“Well I think it’s really about what they do at the quarterback position,” the Green Bay Packers head coach said Wednesday on a conference call. “Obviously, what they’ve done from an accomplishment standpoint stands for itself, but if you just break down how they play the position, just the ability to be totally involved in every aspect of the offense. You know, whether it’s the run, the protections and the pass, you know, that’s not normal. I know Aaron is as dialed into the run-blocking schemes as he is with the passing game concepts. And I think that when you’re on that level and their competitive nature is really probably the greatest characteristic of both those guys, they’re just warriors. It’s who they are as players. ”

Back in 2014, Rodgers threw for 368 yards and two touchdowns as the Packers beat the Patriots 26-21 at Lambeau Field, while Brady tossed for 245 and two scores in the loss. With the two teams only meeting once every four seasons unless the football gods bless us with a Super Bowl showdown, McCarthy knows Sunday night’s battle at Gillette Stadium is one for fans, coaches and players to relish being apart of.

“I think you have to because I mean, how many times has it happened?” McCarthy said. “I think it’s stating the obvious in not really having the opportunity to reflect on that as far as the opportunity to see these two play on the same field. I think for the fans and for everybody alike if you’re going to love football this is the fantastic opportunity to see two great players line up and, as you’ve already stated they don’t compete against each other, but I think these games are always great for football.”

The Packers (3-3-1) have struggled away from Lambeau Field this season, and with two of their next three games after Sunday being on the road, McCarthy, Rodgers and the Packers will be behind the eight ball if they can’t win the battle of the GOATs.

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