Cliff Avril Has Logical Reason For Believing Patriots Better Than Rams


The Los Angeles Rams are really, really good.

But are they better than the New England Patriots?

Led by a high-flying offense and an occasionally dominant defense, the Rams have rolled to a 6-0 start to the 2018 season. The Patriots, meanwhile, have looked better the last few weeks, but still have more flaws than most Bill Belichick-coached teams.

So why, then, does free agent linebacker Cliff Avril believe the Patriots unquestionably are better than the Rams? The answer is simple: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Watch Avril explain during Wednesday’s episode of “Undisputed”:

Tough to argue.

If you ask us, the real question is whether New England even is the best team in the AFC. Sure, the Patriots beat the previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but those squads looked more even than most Patriots fans probably would like to admit.

But hey, if you want to say the greatest quarterback of all time is the tiebreaker, we won’t argue with you.

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