Kyrie Irving shocked the world in February of 2017 by stating he believed the earth is flat.

Many people questioned Irving’s sanity, but he later retorted that his comment mainly was an attempt to get people to research for themselves rather than blindly accept the teaching of others. Irving even apologized for his comments Monday when he spoke at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Although the five-time All-Star apologized for his comments, there are some who believe an apology wasn’t warranted.

Former Boston Celtic great Paul Pierce is one of those people. While speaking with Rachel Nichols on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Tuesday, The Truth pondered, “Why apologize when the world is flat?”


The 2008 NBA champion attempted to use the time it takes to fly across the country as a way to back up his point.

“If I get on an airplane and I fly across the country, if the Earth is spinning it shouldn’t take me that long, right? It shouldn’t take me 12 hours to fly to China if the Earth is spinning,” Pierce said. “I should go straight up in the air, and if the Earth is moving on it’s axis I should just land in China in less than an hour.”

Honestly, he makes some good points. Who knows, maybe the Earth is flat.

(It’s not.)

Thumbnail photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports