Soccer Player Proposes To Girlfriend In Loving Goal Celebration


Eduard Bello might never score a bigger goal on, or off, the soccer field.

The Antofagasta striker produced one of the best goal celebrations of the year Sunday during his his team’s Chilean Primera Division game against Everton. Instead of communing with his teammates after scoring a second-minute goal, Bello darted straight toward the stands where his girlfriend was seated and proposed to her. She said yes, drawing applause from and fans of both teams.

But the referee gave Bello a yellow card, offering yet another reason why officials are unpopular.

Bello’s stunt also provokes a few questions, namely:

— Where did he stash the box in which he kept the ring?
— How long did he expect to play with the box on his person?
— What if she said “no?”
— How would rejection have affected the rest of his game?

I guess we’ll never know the answer to these questions.

Nevertheless, Bello’s outing grew more eventful. Everton scored twice later in the first half, but Bello notched another goal on the stroke of halftime. He suffered an injury in the second half after receiving a hard tackle and had to be substituted out of the game. He then had to watch in agony after Everton scored a late game-winner.

But at least she said “yes,” right?

Thumbnail photo via <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Twitter/@mundialmag</a>

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