There are turnovers, and then there’s the travesty that LaMelo Ball was responsible for Wednesday in Russia.

The youngest Ball son is playing for his father, the incomparable LaVar Ball, on the JBA USA team, which is in the midst of an international tour. LaMelo’s raised some eyebrows during the tour, especially when he slapped a Lithuanian player in early October.

And then there was his performance against CSKA Moscow’s youth team.

LaMelo actually played well — 31 points, 10 assists in JBA’s 135-127 overtime win — but his game will be remembered for a particularly egregious turnover that occurred in the third quarter.

With over three minutes remaining in the quarter and seemingly no need for urgency or prayer, LaMelo pulled down a defensive rebound and elected to heave a no-look, overhead pass the length of the court. The pass, unsurprisingly, was intercepted.

(You can click here to watch the profoundly stupid play.)

What on Earth was he thinking?

Could LaMelo turn out to be a good player? Sure. He has garnered praise from scouts, despite his occasionally baffling play.

But turnovers like the one he committed in Russia prove the 17-year-old still has a ton of maturing to do.

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