Alex Cora has some receipts he’d like to get to.

The Boston Red Sox manager is on top of the baseball world after leading arguably the greatest team in franchise history to its fourth World Series title since 2004 on Sunday night.

Cora and the rest of his club will get their chance to celebrate with Red Sox fans on Wednesday, but until then, Cora seems pretty intent on flexing his social media muscles. And at this point, who can blame him?

The Sox manager has been tweeting on and off since the final out Sunday night in Los Angeles, and he started off with a pretty simple message.

Then, Cora gave his stamp of approval to Game 5 starting pitcher and winner David Price, who pitched Boston to victory. After the game, Price silenced the doubters during his press conference and on Twitter, and it’s the latter that caught Cora’s attention.

Roughly three hours later, Cora had a friendly enough response to longtime baseball analyst Brian Kenny, who presumably was questioning Cora’s decision to start Price — not ace Chris Sale — on three days rest in Game 5. Cora hit him with the shrug emoji.

Check that timestamp, too: 2:43 a.m. PT!

The shrug emoji returned Monday afternoon when Cora quote-tweeted some Red Sox bullpen tweets. The message was simple enough: The Boston bullpen wasn’t supposed to be able to pitch the Red Sox to a World Series, but, well, *shrug*.

We’ll just go ahead and assume he’s not done yet.