It’s time to rise up, New York Yankees fans.

At least, that’s what Reddit user chickenKsadilla (lol) wants you to do.

Mr. Ksadilla was at Monday night’s American League Division Series Game 3, and didn’t like what he saw. The Boston Red Sox blew doors at Yankee Stadium, earning a 16-1 victory as well as a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Game 4, Mr. Ksadilla suffered a total (and NSFW) meltdown on r/NYYyankees.

Check this out:

“This is my plea to everyone for tonight.

“All year, despite all the success we’ve had, this fan base (this sub especially) has been so divided. Divided on Boone, divided on our approach, divided on this, that, or the other thing. I’m begging everyone to put that aside tonight. We need to let this go for now and focus on tonight. If you’re in the stadium tonight with me, stand up and cheer and yell your ass off, but please please do not boo. Don’t boo Boone, don’t boo Stanton, don’t boo f—ing anybody except the a–holes in red and grey. Just for today. Please.

“Last night we had fans leaving in the 4th inning. By the 8th, I was one of the only Yankee fans left in my section. Hearing ‘Let’s go Red Sox’ chants in our f—ing stadium made my blood boil and it should do the same to you. We’re the New York f—ing Yankees and this dogs–t red team from their sorry excuse for a ‘city’ doesn’t push us around in our home f—ing ballpark. We need to stand together tonight and the crowd needs to be a machine that helps fuel this comeback. Just about three months ago, we responded to a blowout loss to the Sox with a win of our own. So let’s f—ing do it again.

“And even if you don’t want to do it for me or for your fellow fans (who you may heavily disagree with on some things), do it for CC. Like it or not, this could be his last start in the Bronx. Give him and the rest of the team the support and respect they deserve for what could be the last time.

“We will have all offseason to discuss what we hated and who’s to blame and why (*assuming we lose, which I will not accept until I’m forced to), but it is going to be a long offseason, folks. So cheer now while you still can and let’s do our part to help extend this run by another day.



Consider us highly interested in what Mr. Ksadillla will post if things go sideways for the Yankees in Game 4.

Thumbnail photo via Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports Images