Why Max Kellerman Believes Bill Belichick Would Take Aaron Rodgers Over Tom Brady

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have won five Super Bowl titles together with the New England Patriots. The coach and quarterback have developed a very productive working relationship even if there have been some occasional bumps over the last two decades.

But would Belichick rather have Aaron Rodgers?

It sounds crazy given New England’s success in the Brady-Belichick era — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! — but Rodgers arguably is the most talented quarterback in NFL history, and Max Kellerman explained Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take” why he believes the Patriots coach would choose the Green Bay Packers signal-caller before each season if given the choice.

Brady acknowledged in the past that Rodgers is more talented than him, even saying his Packers counterpart would throw for 7,000 yards each season in New England’s system. Would Belichick opt for talent alone in this hypothetical toss-up scenario, though? Brady’s intangibles are off the charts.

All in all, the Brady vs. Rodgers debate is fruitless. While Rodgers’ talent is undeniable, so is Brady’s overall résumé. Yet it’ll continue to be a talking point for the foreseeable future, especially with Brady and the Patriots hosting Rodgers and the Packers this Sunday night at Gillette Stadium.

Thumbnail photo via Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports Images