Tyler Seguin is no stranger to harsh criticism, but some recent comments from his team’s CEO may be the harshest yet.

The Dallas Stars forward, as well as Jamie Benn, were raked over the coals by Jim Lites for their less-than-stellar play. In the profanity-laced tirade unleashed by Lites in a story to “The Athletic,” maybe his most jarring comment was that the two “are f—— horse—-.”

Yeah, not a great look.

In light of the remarks, Brad Marchand came to the defense of his former Boston Bruins teammate. After saying that Seguin really is a good guy and that he didn’t deserve the disparaging treatment he received by some on his way out of Boston, Marchand chastised Lites.

“(He) might’ve lost it a little bit too much there,” Marchand told The Athletic’s Joe McDonald. “They are two of the top players in the league and have been for a long time. So when you’re looking at a 30-game segment and they don’t put up 50 points in 30 games and you’re losing, I don’t necessarily agree with that.

“They’ve been two of the top players in the league the last four or five years, and you haven’t heard a peep out of (Lites) in that time,” Marchand added. “It doesn’t take long for those guys to go off (production-wise) and getting 30 points in 20 games and (Lites) won’t say a whole lot then. You can’t expect guys to have their best year every single year. By no means are they having bad years. Compared to what they’ve done it might not be the same.”

Given the talent Seguin has, it’s little surprise he so often is under the microscope, fair or not. But judging by the league-wide reaction to Lites’ remarks, it sounds like folks know Lites went too far.

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