Dec. 3, 2018: A day that forever will be known as the Butt Fumble’s final waft.

(Or so we hope.)

Way back in 2012, while playing for the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez infamously fumbled after barreling face-first into the rump of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. New England Patriots safety Steve Gregory then recovered the ball, and Sanchez has been on the butt-end of one of sports’ most overplayed jokes ever since.

That brings us to Monday night, when the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off an easy 28-13 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Sanchez, whom Washington signed in mid-November after starting quarterback Alex Smith went down with a season-ending leg injury, entered the game after backup QB Colt McCoy also went down with a season-ending leg injury. The 32-year-old played poorly, as many expected, but he still managed to author one of the great redemption stories in recent sports memory.

At one point in the game, Sanchez was flushed from the pocket and took off running, only to fumble after barely being touched. But then, in an example of truly remarkable athleticism, Sanchez managed to recover the ball — using his keister.

Take a look:

Now that’s how you use what yo mama gave ya.

We’re not sure what it says that the two biggest plays of Sanchez’s career involved butts — or that he’s spent much of his NFL career sitting on his butt on the sidelines — but it probably means he’s not a very good quarterback.

Thumbnail photo via Eric Hartline/USA TODAY Sports Images