Steph Curry raised quite a few eyebrows when he said on the “Winging It” podcast NASA’s moon landing wasn’t real. Although the Golden State Warriors guard backtracked his remarks, saying his statement “obviously” was a joke, it still had people talking.

NASA invited Curry to the lunar lab in Texas to further prove human life did indeed land on the moon, and Curry took it a step further and interviewed astronaut Scott Kelly on Instagram live over the weekend.

“I made a comment about the moon landing, it was a very unfortunate situation for me because it’s a comment that was made in jest and not to be taken seriously,” Curry said. “… I’m genuinely sorry for how that came across and I want to use this as an opportunity for some positivity.”

Kelly noted rocks that were recovered from the moon outdate any rock on Earth, further proving the landing.

“We got 800 pounds of those rocks from the moon, spread ‘em out through universities all over the world,” Kelly told Curry. “They’re … older than any rock on Earth. So uh, clearly they didn’t come from Earth, they came from the moon on the lunar space program.”

It may seem like drastic measures for Curry to take after he admitted to joking about the whole thing. But hey, at least he’s turning it into a positive and educating himself as well as others.

Thumbnail photo via Ed Szczepanski/USA TODAY Sports Images