The Antonio Brown-Pittsburgh Steelers fallout has been unfolding on social media in some respects — and another interesting development was unearthed Wednesday.

The star wide receiver reportedly is pretty disgruntled at his current place of work, missing Pittsburgh’s regular season finale after a dispute with teammates (including Ben Roethlisberger) at practice earlier in the week.┬áSince then, trade rumors have popped up, with the San Francisco 49ers being a rumored destination after he seemed to take a liking to Niners tight end George Kittle’s recruitment attempt of him.

But could Brown have his eye on the Patriots? You be the judge.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman shared a screenshot of an Instagram story posted by Brown earlier in the week that was of his direct message conversation with Tom Brady back in September.

Of course, that post probably means nothing, but if New England Patriots fans want to dream about Brown ending up with the Pats, that will give them a little fuel.