Colin Cowherd Details Interesting Link Between Patriots, Other Sports Dynasties


The Patriots have been so good for so long that many current high school upperclassmen can’t recall what it was like when New England was bad.

Sunday’s tilt with the Kansas City Chiefs marks the eighth straight year Tom Brady and Co. have reached the AFC Championship, and it’ll be the 13th in the quarterback’s career.

That said, you’d be a fool to think the Patriots haven’t caught a few breaks along the way, and that was a point of emphasis for FOX Sports 1 talking head Colin Cowherd. The Patriots for years have benefitted from ineptitude by the three other teams in the AFC East, and while they didn’t stumble into their success by accident, it certainly hasn’t hurt that the Pats have played in a mostly poor division many of these years.

Because of that, Cowherd explained the link the Patriots’ dynasty has with other legendary runs in sports during Wednesday’s edition of “The Herd.”

While recalcitrant Patriots fans may be reluctant to admit it, Cowherd doesn’t really miss the mark on this.

But again, you don’t win five Super Bowls and appear in three more by mistake.

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