Given they are the kings of their respective leagues, it’s little surprise LeBron James and Tom Brady share some similarities.

But Colin Cowherd laid out three pretty in-depth parallels between the two stars.

Of course, there’s the basic fact that Brady has been under center for nine Super Bowl appearances with the New England Patriots, and James has been to nine NBA Finals of his own. But according to the FOX Sports 1 host, the way both players have reinvested in themselves, altered the finances of their sports and reshaped the image of their positions is what makes them similar.

Take a listen to his reasoning.

Cowherd brings up some pretty good points.

While both have made tremendous marks in their sports and have played a tremendous role in reshaping their game, what they’ve done to brand themselves off the field also will impact players for years to come.

So while Boston fans may not love James, it’s tough to fight the fact that he has similar qualities to their favorite quarterback.

Thumbnail photo via Adam Hagy/USA TODAY Sports Images