Take a look at what the Los Angeles Rams were wearing on Monday’s Super Bowl LIII Opening Night.

Soooo, they were dressed like Bill Belichick.

That’s a little weird, right?

“I hate it,” wide receiver KhaDarel Hodge said. “It’s horrible.”

Others weren’t so negative.

“I think he looks pretty cool,” rookie center Brian Allen said. “He’s himself and I’m all for that.”

Long snapper Jacob McQuaide even thinks there’s some power behind the getups.

“We’re trying to channel his Super Bowl expertise,” McQuaide said. “We’re trying to get our edge.”

The entire outfit was required.

“This is what we’d have to wear otherwise we’d get fined,” rookie defensive end Trevon Young said.

So, does this make Belichick a style icon?

“I don’t want him to be,” Young said. “I wish he wasn’t. But it looks like he is.”

McQuaide is completely on board.

“The hoodie,” he said. “Think about it, 2002, no one wore hoodies. And now? It’s a statement.”

It’s worth noting that Belichick was a long-snapper at Wesleyan college. Maybe the cutoff hoodie is a long-snapper thing. It’s not a tight end thing.

“It’s definitely comfortable, but it’s not my style,” Henry Krieger-Cole said. “I wouldn’t choose it.”

So, what would he choose to wear?

“Probably anything but a cutoff sweatshirt.”

It’s worth noting the players were also complaining about the Nike basketball shoes they were force to wear. Some players even took them off during the hour-long media session.

Thumbnail photo via Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports Images