The NHL is trying something new this year at the All-Star Game in San Jose.

Instead of players rocking different variations of jerseys featuring the NHL shield, players will have their own teams’ crests for the league’s 3-on-3, four-team tournament that pits each division against each other.

But rather than have an abundance of colors out on the ice, the league paired up with Adidas to make colorless jerseys. The sweaters also are eco-friendly, being made from repurposed and upcycled materials from the ocean.

In other words, they are made from garbage. But the results actually are anything but that.

The league has busted out some very, very colorful All-Star jerseys in the past, but decided it was time to take a complete 180.

The All-Star Game will be played on Jan. 26 at SAP Center at San Jose. Needless to say, the NHL hopes the action on the ice is more colorful than the jerseys.