New England Patriots fans are definitely not fond of ESPN’s Max Kellerman — that’s for sure.

From Kellerman saying he’d rather have any other quarterback left in the playoffs than Tom Brady to claiming Brady and the Patriots got lucky in the AFC Championship game, Kellerman certainly deserved what one Patriots fan turned him into on a poster.

Over 35,000 people packed themselves into Gillette Stadium for the Patriots’ send-off rally, and one fan in particular took a shot at Kellerman by creating a clown face poster with his face on it.

(You can click here to see a photo of the poster.)

Barstool sports created the clown face concept a few years back after Roger Goodell suspended Brady for four games following Deflategate.

“Operation Clown face” took a direct shot at the NFL commissioner. When Goodell returned to Gillette in 2017, the company handed out 70,000 clown face towels to fans to greet Goodell with in his return to the stadium.

Could we see a possible Kellerman clown face towel in the future? It’s certainly possible. 

Thumbnail photo via Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports Images