People have been taking shots at the New England Patriots all season long.

Whether it’s Tom Brady’s age, his noodle arm, Rob Gronkowski’s health, the lack of offensive skill players or a shaky run defense, pundits, analysts and everyone else has prematurely danced on New England’s grave all season.

Yet here the Patriots stand, one win away from another Super Bowl title.

Brady and Co. have been open about the fact that they hear the outside noise and use it as motivation. They’ve also had a little fun with all the negativity, according to one fun-loving tight end.

“We know that there’s a lot been said about us this year, and we’ve been embracing it I would say a little bit more than usual,” Gronkowski said Monday at Super Bowl Opening Night, via NBC Sports Boston. “But we’re not letting it distract us. We’re just embracing it to take it in and bring it out in good energy.”

Gronkowski added: “It actually is a fun part about it. You know, you get to laugh at the other player that gets made fun of, and then you get to say the comments to him too, like ‘Tom has a noodle arm.’ We’ve heard that one before, and then all practice we’re telling Tom he has a noodle arm. But we’re just doing it all for laughs and fun, because we know he doesn’t have a noodle arm, and we know he’s legit and his arm is as strong as ever.”

New England has proved its doubters wrong so far, and they can silence them until September with a win Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images