Los Angeles Kings’ fans have not had much to entertain them this season. The team sits dead last in the league in goals scored and are last in the Western Conference in points.

But the Kings found a surefire way to spice up their broadcast Saturday night.

After dropping the puck in the ceremonial face-off, Snoop Dogg hopped into the broadcast booth during Los Angeles’ matchup with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And like his pre-game puck drop, the legendary rapper brought his own style to the booth, hilariously taking over play-by-play duties. The results were electric, including the rapper calling a scuffle involving Kings’ defenseman Dion Phaneuf and yelling for L.A. to shoot on the power play.

We’re guessing this was Snoop’s first crack at commentating a hockey game, but it certainly was an A+ effort for a rookie. Not only did Snoop’s presence boost the Kings’ production value, L.A. topped a surging Penguins team 5-2.

There’s no proof Snoop indeed was a good luck charm, but we’re okay with the Kings inviting him back for future broadcast opportunities nonetheless. In fact, this could be the solution to getting the NHL to up the ratings.

Imagine Snoop Dogg going between the glass Pierre McGuire-style. Who wouldn’t watch that?

Thumbnail photo via Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports Images