Celtics’ Terry Rozier Opens Up About ‘Competition’ With Kyrie Irving


Everyone wants to believe there’s friction between Terry Rozier and Kyrie Irving. And that makes sense, given Rozier now plays limited minutes after starring in last season’s playoffs. Plus, there are rumors suggesting all is not well between the two guards, and Irving himself recently acknowledged his “natural competition” with Rozier.

But maybe this is all much ado about nothing. It wouldn’t be the first time, of course.

Rozier recently sat down with NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Mannix to discuss Irving’s comments and his relationship with the superstar guard. And while Rozier acknowledged he and Irving go at it on the court, he also stressed the two are like family off the hardwood.

“I’ve been saying it since I joined and played with (Irving) … He’s like a big brother that I want everything that he got,” Rozier told Mannix. “It’s never hating on him or nothing like that, but it’s just I want everything you got. So, I’m going to challenge him every day and he’s going to challenge me.

So, how does Rozier really feel about being a backup?

“Let’s just put it like this: I wouldn’t say that I’m the best backup guard in this league, because that’s not what I am,” he said. “Now, with that being said, I do have to adjust some things. I have to get better at controlling some things, but like I said. At the end of the day, I’m just going out there and I’m playing hard.”

Roziers passion and talent are what makes him such a valuable player, as well as a fan favorite. However, that same fire could lead to Rozier leaving Boston after the season.

The 24-year-old will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

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