ATLANTA — The New England Patriots typically are adept at keeping their offensive and defensive game plans close to the vest. So, it’s slightly bizarre that the Patriots seemingly gave away cornerback Stephon Gilmore’s Super Bowl LIII matchup in a photo they posted online.

The picture, noticed by eagle-eyed Twitter user Ryan, shows Gilmore covering practice squad receiver Damoun Patterson wearing a No. 17 pinny. Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods wears No. 17.

There’s been a debate all week whether Gilmore would be better off covering Woods or Brandin Cooks, who wears No. 10. Woods is the bigger receiver, and Gilmore fares better against those types of wideouts. Gilmore and Cooks practiced against one another in 2017, however, when the receiver was on the Patriots. So, Gilmore has some inside knowledge of Cooks that cornerbacks like JC Jackson and Jason McCourty might not possess.

The Patriots not only decided to run this picture, but it was the featured thumbnail on that practice photos gallery. That raises some eyebrows that perhaps Belichick is playing mind games with the Rams.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting and notable.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images