Gordon Hayward’s Wife Orders Him To Turn Off Video Game During Live Stream

Gordon Hayward sometimes struggles to determine when enough is enough. Thankfully, his wife Robyn is there to help.

The Boston Celtics forward recently sought permission from his wife to continue playing video games, but she shut him down. Such moments often happen in connected households everywhere, but this one stood out because it took place while Hayward was live streaming his Fortnite session on Twitch.

“I got time for one more?” Gordon Hayward asked.

“No, No you don’t have time,” Robyn Hayward replied.

“All right, guys. I gotta go,” Gordon Hayward announced to his digital colleagues.

Gamers and their families all have been there before and can empathize with the Haywards … once they’ve finished giggling at their interaction on Twitch.

Thumbnail photo via Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports Images