One stuffed animal never will appear on the back of a milk carton, but its absence still pains its owners.

New Hampshire residents Michael and Sheri Brody are seeking help recovering the stuffed goat they lost at the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory parade. The Brodys’ goat earned celebrity status during the parade when they tossed it to Rob Gronkowski, and the Patriots tight end Patriots tight end cuddled and shared kisses with it. Gronkowski returned the goat via police officers, but players who later sought a moment with the goat didn’t follow suit.

“We were like ‘This is incredible. Gronk has our goat,'” Sherri Brody told The Boston Globe. “… It was covered with beer, it was soaking wet. At that point, I should have held onto it, but I assumed that because the two other duck boats that had gone by gave it back to us, I thought the others would do the same.”

“It never got back to us. I threw it (to the players) one too many times.”

The goat has sentimental value to the Brodys and also doubles as their good-luck charm during Patriots games.

“We have superstitions,” Sheri Brody said. “When the Pats weren’t doing well we would move it to certain places, and put him at our bar or places around the room.”

The Brodys’ effort to recover their goat began at the end of parade and continued afterward on social media and on WEEI. However, their attempts have been fruitless so far. They surely will appreciate any help locating their furry football friend.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images