There’s never a bad day for a championship parade, but sun-soaked skies and unseasonably warm weather made the latest New England Patriots celebration on Tuesday unforgettable.

In addition to live-streaming all the festivities, searched far and wide for the best sights and sounds. Relive the Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII title celebration in the live blog below.

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201912:55pm

12:54 p.m.: Duron Harmon with one of the best throwbacks you’ll ever see.

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201912:21pm

12:21 p.m.: Presented without comment … 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201912:20pm

12:20 p.m.: Somebody brought a dog? Well all right then.

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201912:12pm

12:11 p.m.: You had to know David Andrews, who doesn’t wear sleeves even when it’s 5 degrees out, was going to go with the Adam Levine look on a day like today.

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201912:04pm

12:02 p.m.: Rob Gronkowski has popped his top. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:52am

11:52 a.m.: Don’t really have the words for this one.

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:51am

11:50 a.m.: The Patriots apparently are well aware of Max Kellerman’s work, judging by this sign currently being held by Elandon Roberts. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:47am

11:46 a.m.: Rob Gronkowski is maturing in his older age, apparently switching from beer to wine. It’s a full bottle of wine, sure, but it’s wine nonetheless. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:44am

11:45 a.m.: Tom Brady knows a thing or six about a Super Bowl parade. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:41am

11:41 a.m.: Yes, Bill Belichick knows how to smile. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:37am

 11:36 a.m.: Just a third of the Patriots’ hardware on the display in the ownership boat. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:34am

11:34 a.m.: With the weather being absolutely incredible, especially for an early-February day, the crowds are unsurprisingly enormous downtown Boston. 

Mike Cole Tue, Feb 5, 201911:30am

11:30 a.m. ET: They’re off!