For what seem likes forever, Rob Parker has made a living bashing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Despite Brady leading the Patriots to three Super Bowl wins in five years, Parker still has resisted giving the star quarterback his due.

But might the FS1 talking head be having a change of heart?

Well, kinda.

During an appearance Monday on “Undisputed,” Parker and fellow FS1 bozo Chris Broussard compared the resumes of Brady and LeBron James. Comparing the two superstars is, of course, foolish, but the debate nevertheless took center stage in yet another aimless, middling episode of the sports talk show.

Parker actually sided with Brady, but he still found ways to criticize the 41-year-old quarterback.

“I’m going to take Brady’s side in this,” Parker said. “Brady has an easier way into the playoffs, LeBron’s going to have to fight his way in. Brady’s been on the winning side six times, as far as winning championships, and LeBron has lost six times in his quest for championships.”

Honestly, we’re struggling to understand what Parker was trying to say in that rant.

In any event, Broussard went in a different direction with his take.

Again, comparing NFL and NBA careers is a fool’s errand. We’re talking about completely different sports with completely different playoff structures.

But hey, the football season finally is over, so talking points are at a premium.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports