Boston Red Sox fans might not be happy for Manny Machado, but Alex Cora sure is.

Machado on Tuesday reportedly agreed to a 10-year, $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres. It’s the largest free-agent contract in the history of American pro sports (extensions don’t count).

Cora was informed of the news during a press conference at JetBlue Park.

Here’s the Red Sox manager’s real-time reaction to the Machado signing:

For those unaware, Cora was referring to outfielder John Jay, one of Machado’s close friends. The Chicago White Sox in January signed Jay, a deal some thought gave them the upper hand in the Machado negotiations.

The eyes of the baseball world now turn to Bryce Harper, who very well could land a deal even larger than Machado’s. The free-agent slugger reportedly has made his decision, with the Philadelphia Phillies considered the favorites.