Can you smell that?

Yeah, that’s a leprechaun burning in a dumpster fire.

The Boston Celtics’ already-ugly season took a turn for the downright horrifying Saturday night against the Los Angeles Clippers. Despite holding a 28-point lead in the first half, the “they’ll figure it out” Celtics went on to lose on their home court to a bad Clippers team who just watched their best player get traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Better yet, Kyrie Irving went down with a knee sprain , and Marcus Morris tore into his teammates in epic fashion during postgame.

Not exactly the kind of fire that’ll keep you warm during the harsh winter months.

As the final seconds ticked down at TD Garden, Celtics fans rightfully booed their disappointing, frankly unlikable team off the court.

Check this out:

Now, this might be the time where you’d typically say, “It can’t get any worse” or, “There’s nowhere else to go but up.”

And those are perfectly fine sentiments.

But if the Celtics are to finally round into form, they’ll have to do so under extremely difficult circumstances. Over their next 11 games, the Celtics have road matchups with the 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, as well as home games against the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers. The NBA All-Star break is sandwiched in there somewhere, just in time for Irving to play grab-ass with rival superstars.

So, even if that Leprechaun survived Saturday night’s blaze, he might only have a few more weeks before he’s reignited and torched for good.