Brad Marchand has been making the rounds on Twitter lately.

In addition to joking around with his teammate Torey Krug, the Boston Bruins winger made headlines Tuesday with a tweet about Toronto Maple Leafs standout Mitch Marner.

Marchand joked about Marner’s upcoming contract negotiations this offseason, saying the 21-year-old is due a ton of money, which seemed to draw the ire of Leafs GM Kyle Dubas for “a master troll job.”

After topping the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday night, Marchand reeled things back on his tweet, claiming he had no intentions to troll the Bruins’ Atlantic Division rivals.

“You people really took that the wrong way,” Marchand said. “You got to give the kid credit, he’s a great player. That’s all I was trying to get at. He’s having a great year, it’s a big milestone for him. I was just giving some credit where credit’s due, that’s all.”

It’s true, Marner has been fantastic this season with 24 goals and 57 assists for the Leafs.

Given the structure of Toronto’s roster with multiple young star players due large contracts, rumors have begun to swirl that another team could offer sheet Marner and lure him from Toronto. So, it wasn’t a massive leap to think Marchand could have been poking some fun at the Leafs’ expense. But, he also is entirely allowed to simply compliment a young talent in the league without it having ulterior motives.

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images