Did Alex Rodriguez Reveal Tom Brady’s Career Plans On ESPN Broadcast?


Alex Rodriguez probably made a few New England Patriots fans stop in their tracks Thursday night.

Rodriguez served in his usual analyst role for ESPN’s broadcast of the Boston Red Sox’s Opening Day game against the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park. Much of A-Rod’s evening was spent evaluating the action on the field, but one discussion centered around his former teammate, Ichiro Suzuki, who retired from Major League Baseball last week at age 45.

That chat included an interesting Tom Brady nugget that may or may not have hinted at the Patriots quarterback’s career plans.

“When we were down with the Yankees, I had a chance to go to dinner with (Ichiro) and his wife in his home in Bellevue, (Wash.), and I’ve only had two people tell me they want to play to the age of 50: One was Tom Brady. The other one was Ichiro,” Rodriguez said. “And they both meant it.”

OK then.

Brady, who turns 42 in August, has expressed a desire to play until age 45. But 50? That’s a new target, at least publicly, if we’re to believe Rodriguez.

Of course, there’s a chance — maybe even a good one — Brady simply said something in passing, so perhaps we should take Rodriguez’s comment for what it is: an offhand comment made during the flow of a TV broadcast that probably isn’t a big deal or a definitive reflection of Brady’s true intentions.

But hey, where’s the fun in that? Brady is coming off his sixth Super Bowl title with New England at age 41, and there’s no telling at this point how long he really intends to sling footballs.

Maybe 50 is the new 45 when it comes to Brady’s illustrious NFL career.

Thumbnail photo via Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports Images

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