Skiing Legend Lindsey Vonn Offers Advice To Slope-Dreaming Tom Brady


If Tom Brady really is serious about this whole skiing thing, then he’s done a great job recruiting help from the best the sport has to offer.

In case you missed it, the New England Patriots quarterback took to Instagram on Friday to reveal he’s been studying Lindsey Vonn film ahead of his family ski trip to Montana. Included in the post is a clip of Brady trying (and failing) at sending it off a ski jump — a sight no Patriots fan wants to see.

Take a look:

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Judging by what she shared in the comments section, Vonn is more than willing to help the 41-year-old Brady in his skiing endeavors.

“Dude… this is pretty awesome,” the Olympic gold medalist wrote. “Pro tip — stay balanced over your skis (Insert lick-face emoji).”

Brady replied: ” … And more speed?”

Of course, this is all in jest. Still, the idea of the Patriots quarterback barreling down a slope looking for sick air, bro, is enough to make any New Englander sick.

As for what Bill Belichick thinks of all this, we can only imagine.

Thumbnail photo via Jerome Prevost/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports Images

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