As if the NFL offseason couldn’t get any crazier.

The days leading up to the official start of the new league year have been chaotic, to say the least. Antonio Brown appears to have found a new home in Oakland, and a number of high-profile free agents reportedly agreed to lucrative contracts as the tampering period opened Monday.

And then there’s what the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns allegedly did Tuesday.

It looks as though Odell Beckham Jr.’s time in New York is over, as the Browns acquired the star wide receiver in a blockbuster trade, according to reports. Folks on Twitter lost their minds upon learning of the news, and Stephon Gilmore apparently is struggling to wrap his head around it too.

We’d have to agree.

While we’re still unsure of what week the matchup will take place, it’s already been determined that the Browns will visit the New England Patriots at some point in the 2019 season. And whether he’s tasked with covering Beckham or Jarvis Landry, Gilmore will have his work cut out for him.