Tom Brady, Apparent ‘Old Town Road’ Fan, Looking To ‘Put A Verse Down’


Tom Brady apparently is among the millions who have caught “Old Town Road” fever.

For those unaware, “Old Town Road” is a rap song by Lil Nas X that features country music-themed lyrics and instrumentals. It’s kinda-sorta a country rap song, but at the same time really is more of a parody. Regardless, it’s the hottest song in the country right now, and you’ll be hard-pressed to scroll through social media without seeing the song mentioned in some fashion.

(It’s also proven to be somewhat controversial, with billboard electing to remove it from the country music charts.)

Not bad for a 19-year-old who went from moderately successful internet personality to full-blown rap star in a matter of weeks. The power of social media, man.


The New England Patriots inserted themselves into the hysteria Saturday by tweeting a picture of Brady rocking a rancher hat — note: Not a cowboy hat — during Super Bowl LIII media night. They accompanied the photo with lyrics from “Old Town Road.”

Well, Brady, still new to this whole Twitter thing, responded with his trademark dorkiness.

Take a look:

We’re all set, Tom — but thanks.

Finally, here’s “Old Town Road” for the uninitiated:

It’s, like, not really that clever or catchy? Yeah, it has a certain novelty to it and definitely is more self-aware than anything Kid freaking Rock has ever done, but the hype really is unwarranted.

But don’t tell that to Billy Ray Cyrus!

The creator of the greatest track in country music history recently lent his signature voice to Lil Nas X for an “Old Town Road” remix.

Here we go:

At the end of the day, Brady, Nas X and all the other achy breaky hearts out there can listen to whatever they want. And if everyone wants to put on cowboy hats, grab microphones and act like rootin’-tootin’ outlaws, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You know, because horses and stuff.

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