Zion Williamson has options.

Williamson, universally believed to be the No. 1 overall pick in next month’s NBA draft, apparently was not too thrilled about the results of the NBA draft lottery, and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst fanned the flames on some wild rumors surrounding the Duke phenom.

Rather than get drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans at No. 1, Windhorst says, Williamson “could threaten” to return for another season at Duke.

Yes, technically, this is a possibility since Williamson has not signed an agent or a shoe deal. He has until 10 days before the draft to drop out.

But these rumors are just that — rumors. It’s a pretty ridiculous notion that Williamson was upset that the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers lost out on the top spot given that should either team have gotten the top pick, they likely would have leveraged it to land Anthony Davis in a trade. So basically any way you cut it, Williamson may have ended up in the Big Easy whether the Pelicans won the lottery or not.

And as we’ve seen in the NBA, the team that star players are drafted to hardly are final destinations. They are launching points.

If Williamson pans out to be the player many expect he can be, he will hand-picking his next team while in the prime of his career.

Playing another season at Duke, regardless of how much Williamson may love it there, would be a terrible career decision financially and a massive roll of the dice on his part.

Basically, it’s very unlikely. But … yes, it’s possible.

Thumbnail photo via Patrick Gorski/USA TODAY Sports Images