The Golden State Warriors may be in the middle of another playoff run, but Kevin Durant seems to already be putting pieces in place for next season.

Durant, who can opt out of his contract at the end of the campaign, currently is trying to work his way back from a calf strain as the Warriors take on the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals this week. But according to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, Durant already has his plan for next year, saying that his move to the New York Knicks is “100-percent done,” according to an NBA veteran who slid into the host’s DM’s.

Now, we’re not how sure valid the report can be coming through a direct message, but it certainly is intriguing news, especially the second bit.

Durant long has been the apple of Knicks fans’ eye, and should he actually pull the trigger to make the move to the East Coast, it could potentially flip the Eastern Conference on its head. If Durant were able to recruit the likes of Kyrie Irving and others, on top of the implications surrounding the NBA draft lottery, it could be shaping up to massive offseason for the Knicks franchise.