Well. This is the least surprising thing of all time.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals went down Thursday night in Toronto between the Raptors and Golden State Warriors, and rapper Drake unsurprisingly did his best to steal the show. Sitting in his customary courtside seat wearing a Dell Curry throwback jersey, Drake was as animated as ever but thankfully kept his hands to himself.

But almost immediately after the Raptors sealed their 118-109 series-opening win, Drake and Warriors forward Draymond Green got together for a little chit-chat. It’s hard to know for sure what the entire conversation entailed, but ABC cameras did catch Drake appear to call Green “trash” — after Green was already walking away and there were five or six human beings shielding him from the 6-foot-7, 230-pound former Defensive Player of the Year.

After the game, Green wasn’t really in the mood to divulge much information about the skirmish other than to make clear it wasn’t a “tussle.”

If you were going to bet before the series which Warriors player might feed into Drake’s nonsense, Green would have been the clear-cut favorite. Green is never afraid to speak his mind, and he’s a player who plays with a ton of emotion, so it was only a matter of time before he and Drake came together.

Drake, who for some reason has tattoos honoring Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, covered up that body art Thursday night, but it’s fair to say a “Green” tat isn’t on the way anytime soon. Green probably can live with that.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/Bleacher Report