Who can blame parents for wanting their newborn sons to grow up to become champions?

The Social Security Administration on Tuesday released data, which showed Thomas and Julian among the 40 most popular names for newborn boys in the United States in 2018, according to The Boston Globe’s Jaclyn Reiss. Thomas ranked 49th, and Julian was 36th nationwide.

However, the story of names for babies born in 2018 in Massachusetts differs from the national tale, as Julian was the 23rd, and Thomas was the 16th-most-popular boys name in the state. One doesn’t need an advanced degree to conclude New England Patriots fans drew inspiration from wide receiver Julian Edelman and quarterback Tom Brady in a year that included parts of two NFL seasons in which the team reached the Super Bowl.

The data also suggests Massachusetts parents might know something their out-of-state counterparts don’t: with the right name, your son just might become part of a dynasty.

Thumbnail photo via Mark Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images