Death, taxes and the New England Patriots winning the AFC East.

The Patriots seek their 11th consecutive division title in the 2019 NFL season. New England has failed to claim the AFC East only twice since Tom Brady took over as starting quarterback in 2001, including the 2008 campaign which Brady effectively missed the entirety of due to an ACL tear.

Colin Cowherd believes the Patriots will continue their division dominance in the upcoming season. In fact, “The Herd” host absolutely guarantees it.

“Patriots win the AFC East. I think that’s a guarantee,” Cowherd said Tuesday on FOX Sports 1. “They’re going up against Sam Darnold, second year. Josh Rosen, second year. Josh Allen, second year. He’s going up against babies. I don’t even think I’m being a Patriot homer. I think they’re gonna win the division. If you look at their schedule, if you look at the better teams they play, a lot of them are at Foxboro. He’s going up against baby quarterbacks in all new systems and all new coordinators.”

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets both made considerable roster improvements in the offseason, but it’s tough to imagine they’ll be enough to take down the Patriots. New England might not corral the No. 1 seed in the conference, but there’s no reason to believe it won’t sit atop the division at regular season’s end.

Not every media member thinks this way, though. One NFL analyst and Super Bowl champion believes the 2019 AFC East crown will reside outside of Foxboro.

Thumbnail photo via Chris Humphreys/USA TODAY Sports Images