Adam Humphries passed on a potentially life-changing opportunity back in March.

Humphries, the premier slot wide receiver on the open market this past offseason, chose the Tennessee Titans over the New England Patriots in free agency. Not only did Humphries turn down more money from the Patriots, he also squandered a chance to catch passes from arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

For these reasons and more, ESPN believes Humphries decision to join the Titans is among the biggest offseason whiffs.

“Humphries faced a dilemma after agreeing to terms on a $36 million free-agent offer from the Titans,” Kevin Seifert writes. “He could sign the contract or consider a new, higher offer from the Patriots. Ultimately and honorably, Humphries kept his word with the Titans. But in doing so, he chose a power-running team over one whose use of the slot position in the past two decades has changed the game.

“Humphries was the NFL’s third-most productive receiver from the slot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season, and one can only imagine what he might have done for the Patriots in 2019 and beyond.”

Tom Brady’s age factored into Humphries rejecting New England’s offer. Even if Humphries only was afforded a season or two with Brady, there’s a good chance he’d accomplish and achieve more in that short time than four years in Nashville. Marcus Mariota, at least at present, is an average quarterback, and there’s no guarantee he’ll develop into a top-tier talent.

Seifert isn’t the only media member who believes Humphries made a mistake by taking his talents to Tennessee. Colin Cowherd also was critical of the 25-year-old overlooking a “guarantee” in Foxboro.

Thumbnail photo via Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports Images