This was supposed to be the summer of the New York Knicks, but the decision-makers at Pennsylvania Plaza have to be sweating bullets right about now.

The Knicks were supposed to, at the very least, sign Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant this offseason. There also was, perhaps, an outside chance at them then putting together a trade package for Anthony Davis and acquiring him from the New Orleans Pelicans. Or, with some help from the pingpong balls, maybe New York would have ended up with the good fortune to draft Zion Williamson.

Now, it looks like the Knicks could end up striking out across the board with all of those stars. has updated odds for where Durant ultimately ends up this summer, and the Brooklyn Nets now are the new -150 favorites. The Knicks’ odds still are relatively favorable, and oddsmakers aren’t ruling out a return to Golden State for the former MVP.

Brooklyn: -150
New York: +150
Golden State: +400

The Nets’ momentum makes sense. Many expected Durant to team up with Irving this summer, and it seemed they were destined for the Knicks. But there’s been increasing chatter in recent days and weeks about Irving instead heading to Brooklyn to the point where it feels like a foregone conclusion at this point. Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher reported earlier this week that Irving and Durant recently have met twice, and Irving is pushing the Nets on his buddy. Apparently, there’s enough reason to believe it has a real chance of happening, at least if we’re following the odds.

Regardless of where Durant signs, that team almost certainly will have to wait an entire season before he actually suits up, as he’s expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season after undergoing surgery on his ruptured Achilles tendon.

Thumbnail photo via Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Sports Images