NBA Rumors: Rockets’ Chris Paul, James Harden Relationship ‘Unsalvageable’

Chris Paul apparently wants out of Houston.

League sources have termed his relationship with Rockets teammate James Harden “unsalvageable,” according to Yahoo! Sports’ Vincent Goodwill.

Paul allegedly approached Rockets management with a “him or me” mentality after Houston was booted from the playoffs in a second-round loss to the Golden State Warriors, sources said, per the report. One league source claims the relationship “can’t be fixed.”

“There’s no respect at all, on either side,” another source told Yahoo! Sports.

The report indicates there had been friction between Harden and Paul for quite some time, including an alleged period during the regular season when the two did not speak to each other.

This is the last thing the Rockets need on top of an already-tumultuous offseason. But it doesn’t sound like things will get better on this front until some sort of solution is reached.

Thumbnail photo via Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports Images