This Tom Brady Instagram Is Sending Everyone Into An Uproar, But Why?


June 26, 2019

Has Tom Brady had some work done?

We don’t know, and we don’t care. But that’s what people are saying in response to the New England Patriots quarterback’s latest Instagram post.

To announce his new partnership with International Watch Company, Brady shared photo of himself rocking a watch and looking, well, rather studly. But some believe the 42-year-old looks a little too perfect.

Take a look:

Yeah, that guy is approaching half a century on planet Earth.

There’s also this photo, which Brady shared on his Instagram story:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady


If you ask us, these photos hardly prove Brady has achieved artificial beauty. It’s far more likely that Brady and the cameramen spent hours creating the “perfect shots” before taking the final products and Photoshopping them to hell. We just think Brady looks like an airbrushed, magazine-ready version of Tom Brady.

Either way, Twitter had a field day with these photos.

And then there’s this:

Again, we think this is much ado about nothing. If you’ve seen Brady in any recent interviews, you know he largely looks the same as ever. Sure, he’s probably on every anti-aging product in the book, but that doesn’t mean he has undergone a bunch of procedures or has been replaced by an android from outer space.

At some point, we just have to accept that Brady just is one of those people that has been blessed with perfection. Whatever.

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