Enes Kanter Boos Kid In Lakers Shorts, Further Endearing Himself To Celtics Fans

Enes Kanter is not having much trouble working his way into the hearts of Boston Celtics fans.

Kanter on Wednesday fired a shot at Kyrie Irving when asked why he chose to wear No. 11. Not only did he play 5-on-5, full uniform and all, against a bunch of Celtics campers later in the day, but he also gave one of said campers a hard time.

The camp counselor notified Kanter there was a kid wearing Lakers shorts. Kanter walked over and started relentlessly booing the poor kid, encouraging the other campers to do the same.

Take a look:

A bit harsh? Maybe.

Either way, it sounds like Kanter will fit into Celtics culture quite well.

Thumbnail photo via Thumbnail photo via NESN.com