With heat indexes well into the triple digits, this weekend was forecast to be a scorcher at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. And things might have boiled over thanks to a hot take from Kyle Busch.

With temperatures skyrocketing in Loudon, N.H., site of Sunday’s Foxwoods 301, Busch was asked after Friday’s practice session how drivers would deal with the heat inside their cars. Busch, a three-time winner at NHMS, challenged Mother Nature to “bring it on” while noting, “there’s this thing called ‘global warming.’ ”

NASCAR fans were, shall we say, divided in their response on Twitter.

Not everyone took an adversarial view, however, which put anyone who was both a Busch hater and a climate change believer in a dilemma.


Mr. CJ W might be a lot closer to the truth here than anyone on either side of the climate-change argument.

Thumbnail photo via Matthew O'Haren/USA TODAY Sports Images