Oddsmakers predict the Boston Celtics won’t endure the worst-case scenario next season.

The Celtics have the third-best odds to reach the NBA playoffs in 2019-20, according to lines OddsShark published Monday via Twitter. While the Celtics are -550 picks, their line trails those of Eastern Conference favorites Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers by some distance.

The Celtics have experienced significant roster turnover this offseason, with leading players such as Kyrie Irving, Al Horford and Marcus Morris leaving the club and Kemba Walker, Enes Kanter and a host of prospects arriving in recent weeks.

The oddsmakers’ projected Eastern Conference playoff field doesn’t differ much from last season’s. Only the Detroit Pistons fall out of the top eight postseason favorites, and the Miami Heat climb out the underdogs’ ranks.

Sure, the teams must prove themselves worthy of the oddsmakers’ faith once the season begins, but it’s good to gain a sense of where they might stand three-plus months ahead of time.